Managable zones - data set

Add attribute to html node ' data-ecms-tag="dataset|ID|Storage" ' to manage this node as data set. Please look at manageable zones - text for more information about attribute content. 


This html should be aded to page to manage news item info
            <div data-ecms-tag="dataset|News|General">
                <h1 data-ecms-text="Title">Some title</h1>
                <p data-ecms-html="Content">Some content</p>
                <div data-ecms-repeater="Related news items">
                    <span data-ecms-item="Rel">
                        <span data-ecms-text="Title">some title</span>
In this case all data will be stored to storage with name 'General' with the ID = 'News'. It is possible to use the same list of manageable nodes and syntax as for repeater.

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