Managable zones - text

 Add attribute to html node ' data-ecms-tag="text|ID|Storage" ' to manage this node's inner text.
 Content of this attribute: 
- text is type of control
- ID is the unique name of manageable zone
- Storage is the name of storage where manageable zone data will be written to. It can be empty. In this case all data will be written to current page storage. Storages  can be used to show and manage the same data at different pages like 'master pages'.


Html tag 'title' should be changed to start manage page title to
<title data-ecms-tag="text|Page title"></title>. In this case title data will be stored at page storage with the ID = "Page title".

To show the same header for all pages such html should be added to layout
<h1 data-ecms-tag="text|Title|General">My MVC Application!!!</h1>. In this case header data will be written to storage with name 'General' with ID = 'Title'.

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