NHibernate repository

MS SQL database repository was created to make ability to store data at database. It is based on NHibernatre. It is possible to install it through the Package manager console at VS - 'PM> Install-Package MVC.Easy.CMS.NHibernate'.

There is an example of usage of this repository there. Such additional steps should be done to make it work:
  1. Create MS SQL database.
  2. Run sql script to populate database. It can be found at project solution -  '/Mapping/Generate DB structure.sql'.
  3. Modify web.config and change connection string to new created database.
Pay attention to the mapping file ('/Mapping/Mapping.hbm.xml') how new classes should be mapped and to controllers (BookController and OrdersController) - how it is possible to use standard NHibernate querying.