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16-07-2017 ABS
hi, it's great, I want to add some admin user and pass to have multi admin ,how can I do it?
17-07-2015 Vladimir Petrov
First of all -- I wanted to thank you for this project -- it's light and easy to use/install. But one question worries me -- can I store content not in XML but somewhere in DB? And second does it has multi-language support?
20-06-2015 Kushan
Is this open source?
09-10-2014 Yosvani Umpierre
The question is, in the example Mvc.Easy.Cms.WebShop where the products are stored in a table in the data base or where, I do not see where it is stored, and if you have the possibility of adding such new products. sorry for my English I speak Spanish is.

MVC Easy CMS: Hi Yosvani! Products are stored at xml file. You can find it at 'App_Data/ecmsdata.Products.xml'.
You have to log in to first to admin part and go to not existing url of product (for example . There you have to fill product data and product will be created.

Thanks for response!
16-07-2014 Smart Dev
when there is Arabic text not set through cms contents it has encoding issue although when it set through CMS contest it shewn correctly I think there is encoding issue in custom view engine easy CMS use

MVC Easy CMS: Hi Smart Dev! You can fix problem with characters encoding changing globalization settings at your web.config:

      responseEncoding="utf-8" />

Thanks for response!
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