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04-02-2014 Senthil
Thanks for the response. I found out the problem. My view has static text "Read More .. >>" and facebook likebox tag '<fb:like-box>'. I removed '>>' and '<fb:like-box>'. Now It is working fine.Thanks again.

MVC Easy CMS: Hi Senthil! We will add supporting of such tags as well at next releases. Thanks for your feedback!
03-02-2014 Senthil
Hi, Thanks for cms. Cms works well with newly created MVC4 application. But with my existing MVC app, admin panel works fine. I can edit the data. But after edit the content, the content not bind back in the page. I traced edit request in fiddler, the response is empty. {"Successed":true,"Message":null,"Views":[]} Please help to solve the problem

MVC Easy CMS: Hi Senthil! The most possible reason is that view created by you was not parsed fine. It is hard to say what exactly wrong. Please send to us your view to our support email and we will take a look to it.
Thanks for your response!
30-08-2013 Jason
This is a very nice system, but I would like to make some updates - so was hoping that the source code was available. The improvements I would like to make include: 1) Removing the custom login system - I want all users to be able to edit pages, and will handle authentication myself at the application level; 2) Restricting the "New Page -> Template" drop-down to a white-list of templates. For example, people can currently select "_ViewStart.cshtml" which is completely unacceptable. 3) Add "Pages" to the Server Explorer when making a content-link. This would allow easy cross-linking between pages on the site - Jason

MVC Easy CMS: Hi Jason! Unfortunately source code is not available because of licensing policy of our employe. For option 1 it is possible to register your own 'ICmsAuthenticationProvider' provider though the 'CmsAuthenticationService.
RegisterProvider()'. You can use any kind of .NET reflector and customize default functionality for options 2 and 3 - this is allowed by MIT license. Any way we will include requested changes at next version of Mvc.Easy.Cms.Views and try to make framework more flexible for developers - so it will be much easy to customize it. Thanks for your feedback!
15-06-2013 Łukasz
Hi! Your idea looks great - I looked for this concept for a long time. But after hours of looking solutions of exception: "Error occurred during a cryptographic operation." it seems that the project is not working with .NET 4.5. Are you planning to fix it and publish the new version?

MVC Easy CMS: Hi Łukasz! There is only one place where this kind of exception can occur - decrypting of backoffice authentication cookies. You can try to clear your browser cookies to fix the problem. You can also set machine key at web.config. The same encryption key will be used in this case, that also prevents such problems. Any case we will handle such error correctly at next releases.
Thanks for response!
13-06-2013 Yuri
Hi Guys! I am satisfied to use mvc easy cms. But I want to ask You to realize in future releases supports of the languages resource file, which allow change of the language of the admin part.

MVC Easy CMS: Hi Yuri! We will plan backoffice localization for next releases.
Thank you for feedback!
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