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17-05-2013 PeterNZ
We would like to use EasyCMS - but can't do so on a load balanced website since you are writing to a file system. Can you support a backend database for metadata in the future please?

MVC Easy CMS: Hi PeterNZ! We will create also data base repository at some of next releases. Fortunately it is possible for now to solve problem with load balancer. You can register Xml repository at global.asax and specify file path to some shared location.

Put this code at global.asax just before 'Mvc.Easy.Cms.CmsInitializer.Init();' and change path to your shared location:

ICache cache = new WebCache();
RepositoryFactory.Init(() => new XmlRepostiory("Path to shared folder", cache));

We hope this will help you.

Thanks for your response!
02-11-2012 Gax
Is this an open-source project?

MVC Easy CMS: Hi Gax! Thanks for your response! Unfortunately this project is not open-source because of licensing policy of our employe. Any case it is free to use and licensed under the MIT license. So you can change everything provided at NuGet package.
25-10-2012 Steve
What is the admin password for the demo project

Hi Steve! Admin password for demo project is 'abc123'. We hope this will help you.
10-10-2012 Anatoliy
Thanks, it's works now. but: 1. My opinion: MVC Routing have to be supported more (instead of full url has to be used route template & route params combination) 2. Please extend documentation with information how to use ECMS data from code (razor or directly from controller). Then i could implement indexing & search engine etc.
09-10-2012 Anatoliy`
Hi have got following problems: 1. navigation links: 1.1 I can't add any attributes into the "a" tag (example: class='toplinks') 1.2 Is it possible to construct sub menu levels? 1.3 how could i add navigation-menu image (images hover/active/notactive)? 2. I have a problem when route has default values. example(url doesn't contain action param, when it could be defined in defaults): routes.MapRoute(name: "Content", url: "Content/{id}", defaults: new { controller = "Content", action = "Index", id="" } );

MVC Easy CMS: Hi Anatoliy! Thanks for your response! These are answers to your questions:
1.1 Please use double quotes for attributes. So should be class="toplins" instead of class='toplinks'. We will fix problems with single quotes for attributes at next versions.
1.2, 1.3 It is possible to construct as many menu levels as you want.  You can use css classes for hover menu items to set different background. Please look at documentation about repeater for Navigation section.
2. You did not specify what problem do you have. Can you please send email to support about problem you have?
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