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18-09-2012 Vadym.
Thanks Guys for a quick response. I also faced some problems with arabic lunguage (unable to save any arabic text).

MVC.Easy.CMS : Vadym, can You send your arabic text please to our support email? It will be nice also to have your project also if it is possible (may be some test project). We will take a look and respond back to you. Thanks!
17-09-2012 Vadym.
Guys, what about MVC4? Will it be compatible?

Mvc.Easy.CMS : Vadym, we want first to finish VB support for MVC 3. We will support MVC 4. We plan to publish new package to NuGet storage in a month. Thanks for response!
16-09-2012 Jeremy Kane
I have installed Easy CMS, but when I click an image that is CMS-able, all I get is a single input field and a properties button. When I click the properties button, I just get a tiny dialog box with nothing but a "Save" button. My project is MVC3, .Net 4, with latest jQuery, jQueryUI, and jQuery.Validation, but I have updated the references in the ECMS code to account for the updated file names. It would appear that ECMS is not compatible with jq 1.8 or the latest JQUI (not the beta of the 1.9, but the latest 1.8 version).

MVC.Easy.CMS : Jeremy, thanks for your response! Unfortunately we can't reproduce your bug. We have updated our demo to the latest versions of jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery.Validation and it does work. You can download it here. I hope this will help you.
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